More About Jeannine



I am a writer and editor with specialties in creative nonfiction and personal essay, narrative nonfiction, biography, and memoir. Recently, I began work on my first novel, Found, and launched Elephant Rock Retreats for Writing and Yoga as a way for writers and lovers of writing to come together to deepen their craft and dissolve blocks. My own writing has been mostly creative nonfiction with a strong emphasis on the same elements of craft that make for good novels. I focus a lot on family, health and wellness, cultural issues, and education. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of magazines and websites. I’ve published three books for the school library market and collaborated on many others, including The Good Caregiver by Robert Kane (Avery Putnam, 2011) and Divine Betrayal by Grace Kolenda Deters (Grand Sierra, 2009).

I’ve also worked extensively as an editor, including several years as associate editor and columnist for the late, great Rake Magazine (no longer published but archived here). In 2005, I received a Page One award from the American Society of Professional Journalists for my Rake cover story on the decline of the honeybee population and the healing potential of propolis. A few years earlier, when I was editor-in-chief of Minnesota Parent, judges at Medill awarded that magazine first place in excellence among members of the Parenting Publications of America because it was unusually literary for a parenting mag. They also awarded my editorial column first place because it was “powerful” and “shockingly honest.” Currently, I’m a senior editor for the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota.

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